The Workplace Travel Package

SmartGo is a national scheme providing discounted workplace travel, helping employers incentivise low-carbon transport and save their staff money. Offers are available on buses, trains, bikes and more, all accessed through the online portal, producing benefits for both employers and staff.


SmartGo provides employers and their staff with a range of travel benefits and services to help make travel cheaper, easier and more sustainable.

Our Offer

SmartGo is a partnership led by employers, supported by travel providers and the public sector. The network is part of a rapidly expanding UK-wide initiative with over 1,000 employer members representing over 165,000 staff.

  • Travel Discounts:
    with transport operators to reduce staff travel costs and incentivise healthy travel options.

  • Travel Benefits:
    providing customised advice for implementing new travel solutions in the workplace.

  • Travel Engagement: 
    online sustainable travel engagement tool for employers and their staff.

“SmartGo has proven to be a valuable asset to GSK in Stevenage as well as other businesses across the UK. The good quality guidance and provision of benefits have been well received by staff and employers alike, resulting in a steady growth in interest and take up of sustainable travel. GSK fully support SmartGo and look forward to seeing membership and incentives increase to the benefit of existing and new members.”

Martin Wigley, Director, Site Operations, GlaxoSmithKline

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